Abraham-Hicks 2020 – Eating Disorders “What’s the best way to deal with eating disorders?”

In this workshop, recorded October 31st, 2020, a viewer asks “What’s the best way to deal with eating disorders.” Abraham responds with a discussion about food and the emotional guidance scale.

This audio clip belongs to Esther Hicks (www.Abraham-Hicks.com) and is used with permission. For more information on the Emotional Guidance Scale, check out her book Ask and it Is Given or one of her workshops online.

Get Fast and Safe Results From Ayurvedic Medicine for Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Panic attacks are a result of depression and crippling anxiety. It can cause sweating, increased palpitation rates, shortness of breath and numbness. Anxiety treatment in Ayurveda is healthy and safe. It ensures total evacuation from the roots so as it never comes back again.

Basis for Ayurvedic Treatment for Stress

A surge in the number of patients who are suffering terribly due to excessive stress makes it a hot topic of discussion in the medical circle. Ayurvedic remedies for stress is slow and consistent, thus aiming to cure the root of the problem.

The Anxiety We Create or Magnify by What We Tell Ourselves

There is no question that there are life situations that trigger anxiety for many of us. It may be a job interview, going on a date for the first time, traveling, public speaking, going to a networking event, attending a retreat, or just from doing something that you haven’t done before. Then there are experiences that we have that are anxiety provoking because of the thoughts we have, or as I like to describe it, what we tell ourselves or the stories we create.

Anxiety and Depersonalization and Stimulant Abuse (ADHD Medications)

ADHD Medications such as Adderall are often taken too lightly by those seeking a boost in focus and concentration. Unfortunately, these medications are stimulants and often create strong reactions if not taken properly. Knowledge of these medications will help you avoid painful side effects and withdrawal symptoms.

The Body Is Not Fooling – Overwhelm Alarm Guide

Recently, I experienced a succession of life changing circumstances all at once. This required a level of emotional accountability and self-care that most of us, including myself, ignore or neglect. So, for those of you who may be facing big challenges that are causing your overwhelm alarm to sound, here is a step by step guide to help you navigate. You are FAR TOO valuable to swim in such dangerous waters for too long and I truly hope this will help you get to the proverbial shore safely and intact.

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