Abraham Hicks – Depression, Anxiety, & Sadness…How To Eliminate These Negative Emotions?

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WOAH! What a powerful segment Abraham Hicks brings forth for us here today! This is SOOOOOO wonderful and such a soothing segment! A lot of time time in our lives we feel some negative/low feeling vibrations in our life and its in this contrast that allows us to set rockets of desire for new manifestations to show up! With these law of attraction teachings Abraham allows us to see that we are on the right path! It is unfolding and showing us towards all the wonderful things that we do want!! Enjoy this segment and remember that there is so much love here for you all today! x


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Then, psychologically and spiritually, we must keep our hope, faith, patience and trust God and all times and in all situations. Today, a lot of people die of depression, high blood pressure and heart attack, stroke because of loss of hope and faith to absorb the pressure and the shock of this world. And you know that when you lose hope you immediately start dying. True. Faith is now. It makes you to act immediately. But hope is tomorrow, future. It gives you the ability and stamina to positively hang on, move on believing that your expectations will be met. It will not fail. Those that fall into depressions, drugs or commit suicide are those that have totally lost hope. But my friend, I want to tell you that your tomorrow will be fine if you can tenaciously through faith, hope, and patience hang on to the word and promises of God. If you lose hope you will fall sick and die or escalate the already weaknesses in your body.

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