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Psychiatric Treatment Options – Therapy Approaches For Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety as a mental health issue has had much media attention of late. According to Sarah Fadar, a Social Media consultant ‘If you’re a human being living in 2017 and you’re not anxious, there is something wrong with you. A certain amount of anxiety is normal and healthy.

Leaning Into Anxiety

Why would we want to lean into something that is very distressing like anxiety? Because what you resist, persists.

Socialize to Relieve Stress

Socialization is one of the most effective yet oft-forgotten methods of relieving stress. Remember that we’re not meant to be solitary individuals. We need not only one or two but layers of connections to be able to feel whole and connected.

10 Lifestyle Changes to Tame Anxiety

We all struggle with anxiety at some point in our lives. But being constantly worried or fearful about things, events, places or people is a cause of concern and needs to be addressed. Some people can’t afford therapy and medications or may not have insurance to have their expenses covered. In such cases, it is inevitable to bring some lifestyle changes that can help alleviate anxiety.

Fear of Death – How to Beat It?

Learning to live well is to learn to die well. If so, overcoming fear of death is to do with living one’s life calmly and happily. Experiencing something higher than a worldly ordinary state of mind is necessary.

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