Are you having a Panic Attack? Real Psychotherapist Explains!

What is a Panic Attack? How can you Identify a Panic Attack? What can you do about it? Psychotherapist Georgia Dow explains!

DISCLAIMER: This video series is provided for informational purposes only and should not substitute for a personal consultation with a professional.

What is Anxiety?

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A Fun and Empowering Tip To Awaken The Power of Your Breath to Feel Good

Here’s a fun and simple tip to awaken the power of your breath to shift worry, feel better, and effect powerful changes. Breathe deeply. This sounds so simple, doesn’t it? But when you are worrying, how do you take a deep breath?

Two Keys to Reducing Stress

All the benefits of planning and exercise impact your ability to be sharper, move faster and feel better. Taking time to do this will actually give you more time for the other things you need to do and REDUCE YOUR STRESS!

Parenting Tip – Facilitate Children to Manage Their Stress

We sometime think that kids are so lucky since they don’t have to worry about managing household chores, paying bills, handling tough bosses, dealing with peer pressure/ office politics or work performance. But trust me, being a child is not a child’s job. On contrary they have to face immense apprehension about their performance in school/college, sports, curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular activities; they too face peer, social, homework pressure; and challenges like dealing with bullies or sexual abuse. with these proven tips we can surely teach our children to manage their stress.

Anxiety: Natural Treatment, Permanent Recovery

The natural approach to the anxiety has been proven to be the permanent solution over all other treatments. No side effects, no withdrawal symptoms and the one and only complete recovery treatment. Take full control over your intrusive anxiety symptoms and enjoy a happier, more peaceful way of living.

Sleep Therapy for Depersonalization

Experiencing Depersonalization man often lead to sleeplessness, due to worry and stress. Once you learn to interrupt these sensations and apply a few simple but effective sleep skills, you will find that falling asleep becomes easier and achieving a good night’s rest is something you can count on. This helps in overcoming Depersonalization because it helps refresh a tired mind and allows you to more effectively interrupt the habit of fearful thought that contributes to this condition.

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