Daily Routine To Fight Off Depression

Are you looking for some mental health advice on how to overcome depression? Today, we’ve invited Emma McAdam, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, to share her insights on depression and some tips on how to cope with it!

Based off this video: https://youtu.be/YsQ02zc3mQ0

Check out Emma’s YouTube channel here (Therapy In A Nutshell): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpuqYFKLkcEryEieomiAv3Q

Writer: Emma McAdam from Therapy In A Nutshell
Script Editor & Manager: Kelly Soong
VO: Amanda Silvera
Animator: Naphia
YouTube Manager: Cindy Cheong

Therapy in a Nutshell

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What Every Christian Needs to Know About a Fellow Believer Who Struggles With Anxiety

Have you ever been going through a difficult time, only to have a fellow Christian give you poor advice with good intentions? It can be pretty insulting sometimes!

4 Ways to Identify Your Personal Stress Triggers

In small amounts, stress is good for us. The hormone Cortisol invokes the fight-or-flight response, keeping us alert to what we perceive as danger. This is acute stress, which simply means relatively minor stress on a sporadic basis.

Ayurvedic Approach Towards Brain Diseases And Anxiety

As per ancient Ayurveda, human health is mainly dependent upon the foundation which gets supported by diet, sleep and the overall balance of the life. They are known as the three pillars of good health. Whenever any one of them gets weakened the well-being and health of a person get affected. Ayurvedic treatment for depression ensures to offer a healthy balance for your brain.

Three Ways to Combat Anxiety

There are so many determinants that cause anxiety. Fortunately, there are ways of combating this rapidly increasing disorder.

How to Calm Yourself Using the Visualization Method

The purpose of visualization is to enable you to quickly clear mental stress, tension, and anxious thinking. The visualization can be used when feeling stressed and is particularly useful when your mind is racing with fearful, anxious thinking. This visualization process, when practiced frequently, is very effective for eliminating deep-seated mental anxieties or intrusive thoughts.

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