Dealing With Anxiety, Saving Money & Getting Over Your Ex

Just a chatty advice video today, I hope you enjoy, let me know if you like these kinds of videos. I will be uploading another haul on Wednesday!

Books I recommend:
The Four Agreements
The Power of Now
101 Essays That Will Change The Way You Think
Milk and Honey & The Sun and Her Flowers (poetry)

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Depression Quiz

Are you wondering if you might be experiencing depression due to stress at work or school? Are you constantly worrying or stressing over a relationship or breakup? Are you experiencing a lack of focus or concentration? If you think you might be experiencing depression because of continuing stress in your life, you might want to take our simple quiz and find out if this might apply to you. There is a natural and effective way past this type depression and is easy to use, often with rapid results. With a few changes in the way you think and live your life, depression dissolves and is replaced with feelings of joy and peace of mind. Learn about Serotonin Boosting, the natural way to lift your spirits, through a unique food plan and menu.

Homework Anxiety

Is your child frustrated and anxious about homework and studying? Homework can be approached in a way that is far more enjoyable to your child. Through a few simple steps, a child can change the way they view homework and actually begin to look forward to this time of day. It involves making homework more enjoyable by creating the proper environment, while using nutrition to create a calmer and more receptive individual. Motivating your child to view homework from a different perspective will also help to alleviate this form of anxiety.

Combatting Anxiety With 4-7-8 Breathing Pattern

Individuals suffering from anxiety are on a continuous lookout for techniques that can help them combat the mental disorder and relax their minds. One such technique doing the rounds these days is the 4-7-8 breathing pattern.

Trauma in Life

Problems come in every person’s life. Major problems can cause trauma which can be overcome with perseverence.

3 Tips to Deal With Anxiety

First there was worry. Then came fear which later turned into anxiety. Beware… it could still grow and become panic.

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