Discussing Eating Disorders and Non-Triggering

It’s estimated that more than 30 million Americans have struggled with an eating disorder at some point over their lifetime. This often-misunderstood health issue goes beyond someone’s eating habits and infects everything from their self-esteem to their daily life tasks, such as work, family, and mental health.

Host and NASM Master Instructor Rick Richey talks about eating disorders and non-triggering with expert Abbey Griffith. She is an NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach, and Eating Disorder Recoveree who has devoted her life to helping people of all ages, shapes, and sizes find a wellness routine they truly enjoy.

7:15 Common Misconceptions About Eating Disorders
14:00 Understanding Different Eating Disorders
18:55 How to Help & Train
40:00 Open Q&A

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Study Finds Relationship Between Anxiety Disorders and Persistent Cannabis Use

Anxiety disorders adversely affect a person’s ability to carry out daily tasks, maintain affable relationships with others and perform at work. However, the list of problems triggered by anxiety does not end here. Among other problems, the disorders also significantly increase the risk of substance abuse because of the patient’s tendency to self-medicate psychiatric symptoms.

Ways to Keep Tragedy-Related Anxiety in Children at Bay

While no one wants a disaster or a stressful event to come knocking on his or her doors, coping extreme distress in the wake of a tragedy is no ordinary task. Being uncontrollable in nature, tragedies can take the form of natural disasters, such as hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes and droughts, or manmade havocs, such as terrorism, war, violence, murder and abuse.

Effective Ways to Facilitate Management of Anxiety at the Workplace

The feeling of anxiety is such a pervasive emotion that it gets easily reflected. Akin to worry, fear and other emotions, anxiety is a normal reaction to stress or threats, irrespective of whether physical or perceived in nature. In fact, this response to any kind of pressure and danger can impact a person’s productivity and his or her state of mind in the workplace in myriad ways.

Mom’s Genetic Trait for Anxiety is a Marker for the Problem in Offspring

From the observable physical features, such as the color of the eyes, mannerisms, etc., to the less-observable genetic vulnerability to certain mental and physical diseases, children take after their parents in more ways than one can account for. In the field of psychopathology, there is less information about a child’s predisposition to develop an anxiety disorder or the role that attention towards threats plays in triggering long-term anxiety.

The Right Response to Anxiety Assists in Performing Better

Many individuals view anxiety as an uncomfortable feeling, often crippling, that springs up unannounced in the most inopportune moments. People experiencing chronic anxiety go to great lengths to get rid of such life-disruptive emotions.

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