Do You Know The Early Signs of an Eating Disorder? | Kati Morton

There have been many online conversations about disordered eating versus an eating disorder, questions about whether or not we are sick enough to get help, and so many other things like this. That’s why I thought it could be helpful to go over some of what I consider to be the most common early signs of an eating disorder, and if you have any of these, yes you are sick enough for treatment, and yes you are deserving of care. In fact, it doesn’t matter how “sick” we feel we are ALL deserving of care and can benefit from therapy. So reach out and speak up because it can and will get better!

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Catastrophic Thinking: Anxiety Trigger

Fearful thinking may keep us out of danger but when the habit of becomes a constant in our lives, it’s time to make a change. Learn how to recognize the cycle of fearful thinking and learn how to interrupt this intrusive behavior. There is a mid point between remaining safe and over reacting to every situation. Find peace of mind by breaking this habit and trusting your natural instincts to deal with any situation when necessary.

Anxiety Symptoms and Solutions

Anxiety symptoms can be upsetting and intrusive if not understood and reconciled. Understanding each symptom allows one the upper hand in recovery, especially when solutions to these symptoms are often simple and easy to achieve. Learn how to eliminate anxiety symptoms through full explanation and complete solutions. Lose the habit of fear and worry as you move past anxiety symptoms through a natural and effective approach.

The Anxiety Cycle and How to Break It

Anxiety symptoms often follow a cycle where one symptom reconciles and another symptom almost instantly pops up in its place. This is called the Anxiety Cycle. Once the purpose of this cycle is understood and the loop itself is resolved, life returns to normal, symptom free and clear. Learning why this cycle of symptoms exists and how to interrupt it allows one freedom from victimizing symptoms and power over anxiety once and for all.

OCD Triggered By Anxiety

OCD is often triggered by anxiety and through the proper corrections can be eliminated permanently. It is frustrating and intrusive but with a few simple changes you can take back your life again. Learning to understand and overcome both anxiety and OCD through new ways of thinking and living your life, will enable you to find both peace of mind and enjoyment of living again.

Hidden Causes of Anxiety and Depersonalization

Sometimes we overlook the true cause of anxiety when it’s right in front of us. There are many hidden triggers for anxiety and depersonalization. Becoming aware of these triggers may save you from years of anxiety related discomfort. It’s worth investigating before assuming that anxiety comes out of the blue.

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