Eating Disorders & Fasting – What You Need to Know

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01:38 #1 Involve your mental health practitioner
03:12 #2 Understand the state changing effect of food
05:55 #3 Start slow & stay comfortable
06:58 #4 Variation is key
09:37 #5 Have an eating plan for how you will break a fast
10:44 #6 Fall in love with healthy good

1. Involve your mental health practitioner

2. Understand the state changing effect of food
-what other state changers
-Autumn Smith- (episode 38)
-Katie Wells (episode 2)

3. Start slow & stay comfortable
-intermittent fast

4. Variation is key
-gamify it
-move in and out of different variations & eating styles
-Happiness fast (reset dopamine pathways)
-Fat Burner Reset

5. Have an eating plan for how you will break a fast
-4 phased approach
-probiotic foods

6. Fall in love with healthy good food
-building a fasting a lifestyle
-it’s not about deprivation

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5 Tips to Deal With Morning Anxiety

Anxiety disorders are the most common mental disorders afflicting the American population. Though these conditions affect roughly 40 million adults, they are also highly treatable. Individuals who experience the extreme bouts of anxiety from the moment they wake up are unable to effectively accomplish the tasks they had planned out for the day. Compared to their healthy peers, the individuals with anxiety disorders face rather higher levels of anxiety in the morning. Therefore, it becomes important to find healthy coping mechanisms and a routine that reduce the negative impact of anxiety.

Anxiety Relief Without Medication

The medical community at large would have you believe that the only answer to anxiety is found in pharmaceuticals. That simply is not the case. Anxiety can be triggered by just about any stressor in life. Sometimes the source isn’t able to be pinpointed. That is what is classified as generalized anxiety disorder. It is often treated with either antidepressants and benzodiazepines.

Bring an End to the Stress and Anxiety Damages

Negative thoughts and stress make things more difficult and pressing for every individual. You may have often heard old people saying think good and good things will happen to you.

Do You Ever Experience Anxiety?

The other day I was reading a book that was written by M.Scott Peck, and this caused me to think about a number of different things. For some reason, I started to think about doing some kind of course at college.

Lose Fear and Worry by Finding Your Voice

Fear and worry about the world situation, terrorism, plagues and extreme weather, is often overwhelming for those who are concerned and sensitive individuals. When approached correctly you will no longer feel victimized by these constant fears. The process of finding your own voice helps release you from these obsessive worries by tapping into your own beliefs, opinions and truths and express yourself. It’s letting go of feeling victimized by fear and worry and using your new found voice to problem solve and be the somebody who “makes a difference” through self expression rather than feeling paralyzed by fear.

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