How to reduce stress & anxiety with clever technology!

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Your Attitude’s Impact On Mind And Body During COVID-19 Crisis

My front window gives onto the street, and every day I see people walking their dogs. Maybe a half dozen folk in all, giving their pups some exercise. But over the last week, since California went on “lock-down,” I’m utterly amazed by the number of people walking.

Quarantine Anxiety

Quarantine can be anxiety producing, especially for many who have not experienced this before in their lives. There are a few simple tips that can be easily applied if you are going through the discomfort and anxiety of a quarantine. In fact, you might find some of these new activities and behaviors so helpful that you might actually incorporate them in life, after the quarantine is over.

Coronavirus Anxiety

The Coronavirus epidemic has created a substantial rise in anxiety and panic. It is important to know how to be cautious and calm at the same time. This is the way to stay healthy and relaxed even during times when situations like this present themselves. There are ways to approach a national health issue and succeed in making life easier for you and your family. Here are a few simple yet logical tips to help you through this difficult time.

Fodmap Dietary Plan for Relief of Stomach Bloating

Stomach bloating is often the result of anxiety but can also be caused by poor food choices. By following the Fodmap Dietary Plan, one learns which foods bloat the gut and should be avoided, and which foods lead to smoother, bloat free digestion. This dietary plan is simple to use and brings forth great relief to anyone struggling with a bloated stomach from eating the wrong foods. This is a natural path to good digestion without the necessity for antacids and other over the counter bloat relievers.

How Hug Helps – Give More, Stay Healthy

Nothing starts a day better than a satisfying hug; so, why not hug! Let’s have the zeal to relish and make the world a better place. Boom! but then reality strikes; sadly, everything is not tickled pink. In the world, we find the two kinds – huggers and non-huggers. According to a belief, if all the non-huggers are transformed into huggers, there would be no place left for hatred and anger. However, the saying goes hand in hand that it’s not possible; because it’s all in the genes. Non-huggers strongly advocate that huggers are invaders of privacy and a threat to survival. While huggers believe, it’s just the opposite. Hugs comfort and make you feel understood. Now the difference of opinion is here to stay.

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