How to stop a panic attack right now

This video will help you understand the facts about Panic Attacks, how to
stop then right away and what Causes them. If you have any questions dealing with your own panic attacks, anxiety, or depression leave a comment and I will reply back in a timely fashion, remember love yourself and BeMooreGrateful

Tips to Navigate Through Dating Anxiety

Worrying over something you are going to do for the first time is a common phenomenon. And going on a date for the first time is no different. Apart from the feeling of excitement, it may give jitters to some. However, staying worrisome and down in dumps for a long time could be a red flag that someone is dealing with inherent anxiety.

How Stress Impacts Your Vital Organs

Stress affects just about everyone’s daily lives. It can affect your body in ways that can have a long lasting impact on your health. Here are some ways it can affect your health:

Anxiety, Insomnia and Constipation Are Linked To The Nervous System According to Ayurveda

Have you ever reflected or meditated on the electro-magnetic field of your brain? I know that could be a crazy question. Consider this tho, the brain’s electricity is responsible for respiration and sensory perception. The pathway that is being described in the previous sentence is the nose, eyes, skin, ears and ability to see. It is connected to the brain. From the brain this electric force sends a supply to the heart center. Anxiety, constipation and insomnia are linked intimately to this five senses, brain and heart balance. Learn more how your daily routine effects this inter-connection. Find out what you can do to control how healthy these connections can be.

Eleven Causes of Nervous System Fight or Flight Syndrome According to Ayurveda

Ayurveda teaches the nervous system can get stuck in the Fight and Flight state and overstimulate the brainwaves which in turn flood electrical stimulation down the famous Vagus nerve. Picture this, the brain, a long nerve attached to the brain, that goes down to the last rib (12th)which in turn stimulates electricity in the Celiac Plexus. This is the electric transmitting station for all organs above the belly button and below the belly button. Learn how these eleven causes turn fight or flight up to a sustained state of frenzy. Imagine your nervous system is stuck at NASCAR car races no pit stops. Learn what you are doing to unknowingly cause your nervous system to not be able to turn off and relax.

Anxiety or Not

Answering yes may mean that your day-to-day life is sometimes overwhelmed by anxiety. We all experience stress, worry and anxiety.

Stress and Mood Swings

If you notice yourself experiencing a drastic change of emotions every now and then it’s possible that you’re experiencing what many people refer to as “mood swings”. One moment you may be feeling fine working on your daily tasks, the next minute you may be feeling irritable and even become hostile – all these sudden changes in your mood indicates that you are indeed having mood swings.

Quelling Everyday Anxiety

By far the commonest anxiety is suffered by those who would not be diagnosed with a disorder. The commonest anxiety is caused by the tension of task-and-time pressure that leads to exhaustion.

Anxiety: Can Someone End Up With Anxiety Problems If They Don’t Feel Safe In Their Body?

Although mental and emotional problems have taken centre stage in today’s world, there was a time when they were not really given the time of day. One way to look at this would be to say that it is a good thing that this has taken place.

Signs of Emotional and Mental Fatigue of Depersonalization

Learning to recognize the signals of emotional and mental fatigue will enable one to address the intrusive symptoms which accompany this part of the anxiety condition. Rather than remain victim to this “wired and tired” feeling, along with numerous emotional and physical sensations, it’s time to take back control by choosing how you wish to feel. You have choices concerning this type of exhaustion and with the proper corrections you too can create a calmer, yet vital way of living. Learning how to break through the fog of a tired mind results in clarity and peace of mind simultaneously.

Dealing With Anxiety Disorders: Types and the Ayurvedic Cure

People who suffers from anxiety disorders can finally find peace with the natural anxiety medication that Ayurveda brings to them. Learn how anxiety affects them and how they can cure themselves.

Inside Anxiety

Close your eyes and count to ten. Open your eyes again. Now, close your eyes, hold your breath and count to thirty.

Crippling Anxiety

I had experienced occasional anxiety before but nothing like this. It felt as if all eyes were on me. I kept memorizing the order in my mind to distract myself but it wasn’t helping and when my turn came to order words won’t come out of my mouth. I just stood there staring blankly at the guy behind the counter while he repeatedly asked me what I wanted.

Habits That Aggravate Anxiety

Are you one of those who keep their mobile phones switched on by the bedside while sleeping? Do you wake up at odd hours because you constantly feel that there is an update on the mobile, a new assignment from work or a random message for a dinner date? If that be the case, you are disrupting something more fragile than your sleep, your body-brain ecosystem.

An Anatomy Of Stress Inside Your Body

We all know how stress makes us feel – that goes without saying. But do you know what is actually happening to the organs and systems in your body because of these feelings? You’ve probably not thought about it. You’re aware of the physical changes (sweaty palms, rapid heart-rate, light headedness) but what about the chemical processes that are happening?

Distressing Crisis – Where to Get Help?

Which psychological or spiritual help is needed for a personal distressing crisis depends on the nature of the problem. Some forms of help are inappropriate and can cause more harm than good.

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