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The Anxiety We Create or Magnify by What We Tell Ourselves

There is no question that there are life situations that trigger anxiety for many of us. It may be a job interview, going on a date for the first time, traveling, public speaking, going to a networking event, attending a retreat, or just from doing something that you haven’t done before. Then there are experiences that we have that are anxiety provoking because of the thoughts we have, or as I like to describe it, what we tell ourselves or the stories we create.

Anxiety Can Affect Smart Decision-Making, Finds Research

In the course of a single day, one is confronted with numerous choices, including something as simple as deciding to get up early in the morning and how to begin the day. It seems that one is forever taking decisions, some for small things and some for big matters. However, one hardly stops to wonder at how effortlessly one navigates through the sea of life, until he/she hits a roadblock. Mental health problems can hinder one’s ability to handle daily life, especially if left untreated. One such seemingly simple problem is that of anxiety.

Identifying Anxiety: Signs and Symptoms

Life can be likened to a sea, stormy at times and calm at others. However, when anxiety is at play in a person’s life, it could feel as if the coast is never clear and the mind never at rest. The anticipation of a storm, or perceiving every wave to be a tsunami, becomes a norm, never allowing the person to be at ease or rest. An anxiety disorder affects how people feel, behave, think and decipher physical sensations.

Tackling PMS-Induced Depression and Suicidal Feelings

Anxiety, depression and irritability are common symptoms for women experiencing premenstrual syndrome (PMS). The hormone progesterone inhibits the functioning of serotonin, a hormone responsible for regulation of moods. It also impacts the functioning of the amygdala, which is responsible for responding to environmental cues, controlling emotions, improving memory and imbibing survival instincts.

How Drinking and Anxiety Disorders Are Interdependent

Anxiety disorders and alcohol use disorder are both serious conditions separately, which turn even more serious if the occur concurrently. These co-occurring disorders impact a person’s ability to live his/her life normally. Compared to the predicament of being diagnosed and forced to live with any one of these conditions, the co-occurrence of both the conditions in an individual amplifies the symptoms greatly. The coexistence of anxiety disorders and alcohol use disorder is a common dual diagnosis condition, especially in the United States. In many ways, they exacerbate the symptoms of one another. Due to their increased interdependent nature, the existence of any one of the disorders increases the likelihood of the occurrence of the other. Chronic anxiety can coerce people to take to alcohol to unwind or escape from their worries, and prolonged alcohol consumption can potentially bring about any underlying symptoms of anxiety. In addition, alcohol use by those with an anxiety disorder can also pave the way for other forms of anxiety to set in, thereby significantly increasing the disease burden that one has to live with.

Lose Fear and Worry by Finding Your Voice

Fear and worry about the world situation, terrorism, plagues and extreme weather, is often overwhelming for those who are concerned and sensitive individuals. When approached correctly you will no longer feel victimized by these constant fears. The process of finding your own voice helps release you from these obsessive worries by tapping into your own beliefs, opinions and truths and express yourself. It’s letting go of feeling victimized by fear and worry and using your new found voice to problem solve and be the somebody who “makes a difference” through self expression rather than feeling paralyzed by fear.

Bring an End to the Stress and Anxiety Damages

Negative thoughts and stress make things more difficult and pressing for every individual. You may have often heard old people saying think good and good things will happen to you.

Do You Ever Experience Anxiety?

The other day I was reading a book that was written by M.Scott Peck, and this caused me to think about a number of different things. For some reason, I started to think about doing some kind of course at college.

Depersonalization Relief Through Nutrition

Nutrition plays a large part in the recovery treatment of depersonalization and anxiety. Once one understands how much control they have over the way they feel, through proper food choices, they are on their way to permanent recovery. When the correct foods are chosen on a daily basis, both clarity and peace of mind return through this natural process.

Anxiety: Does Someone Have Mental Health Problems If They Experience Anxiety?

Nowadays, there is a strong chance that someone will reach out for support if they have mental and emotional problems, and there are at least two reasons for this. Firstly, it is more acceptable to talk about these kinds of things.

Anxiety: Emotional Disturbances Responsible for Inflicting Physical Diseases

Due to the lack of awareness and strict demarcation of power within the medical profession that reduces the ability of a doctor in recognizing the emotional symptoms of a physical disease, the risk of delivering an incorrect prognosis looms large. For instance, doctors who treat cardiac, endocrine or intestinal complications have a higher risk of not recognizing psychological reasons behind the surge of physical symptoms, such as palpitations, tiredness or light-headedness.

Ayurvedic Methods of Decreasing Anxiety and Living a Peaceful Life

The main causes of anxiety nowadays are related to a hectic lifestyle, followed by a poor diet and total disregard towards following any routine. In Ayurvedic terms, it is believed that an aggravation of Vata dosha in the body leads to the problem of anxiety. Ayurveda aims to offer means and methods of suppressing anxiety by removing the Vata dosha. In order to remove this dosha, patients are recommended to make lifestyle changes which include following a relaxed lifestyle, eating healthy food, practising breathing exercises and being close to nature.

5 Tips to Deal With Morning Anxiety

Anxiety disorders are the most common mental disorders afflicting the American population. Though these conditions affect roughly 40 million adults, they are also highly treatable. Individuals who experience the extreme bouts of anxiety from the moment they wake up are unable to effectively accomplish the tasks they had planned out for the day. Compared to their healthy peers, the individuals with anxiety disorders face rather higher levels of anxiety in the morning. Therefore, it becomes important to find healthy coping mechanisms and a routine that reduce the negative impact of anxiety.

Anxiety Relief Without Medication

The medical community at large would have you believe that the only answer to anxiety is found in pharmaceuticals. That simply is not the case. Anxiety can be triggered by just about any stressor in life. Sometimes the source isn’t able to be pinpointed. That is what is classified as generalized anxiety disorder. It is often treated with either antidepressants and benzodiazepines.

What Is Anxiety and How Do We Get Past It?

Everyone feels anxiety to some degree as we face life’s challenges, but for some the symptoms persist and that is when problems may emerge. It is also a warning that something is wrong creating a need to ponder what that is and correct either our thoughts, actions, or attitudes. As a councillor of many years’ experience and one who is spiritually connected there have been many who have come to me for help.

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